Ozark Showrunner Unearths Who Jonah Indisputably Shot within the Final Scene

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After the controversial Ozark sequence finale, Jonah Byrde currently holds the honor of firing the shot discussed ’round the area. Within the final scene of Netflix’s award-a hit drama sequence, pesky personal investigator Mel Sattem had returned from his dream job within the Chicago Police Department to confront the Byrdes one final time. Haughtily clutching the goat cookie jar containing the remains of Ben Davis —Wendy’s brother she had killed— Sattem is confident he has the final portion of the puzzle to bring the Byrdes to justice… till the youngest Byrde emerges from the shadows with a cocked rifle aimed squarely at Sattem.

We watch Jonah shut his eyes, and his parents silently approve of his existence-changing choice, nonetheless the sequence cuts to shaded without exhibiting us what happens next. All we have to head on is the sound of a gunshot, which spawned many fan theories. Did Jonah shoot the goat cookie jar, concurrently spilling the remains of his beloved uncle and rendering Sattem’s smoking gun needless? Did he shoot one in every of his parents, freeing him and his sister from the duplicitous clutches he worked to preserve away himself from by inviting out of the dwelling and staying at Ruth Langmore’s Sluggish-O Motel?

Per showrunner Chris Mundy, who wrote the climactic episode, the answer is a ways more effective than the conspiracy theorists can also simply have to guage.

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Who did Jonah shoot in the Ozark sequence finale?

Whereas we can also simply never watch the aftermath of the conclusive gunshot (please give us a Season 5 or a movie), it be no surprise who used to be on the unfortunate discontinuance of it. Trash your fan theories; Jonah Byrde shot Mel Sattem. “I produce no longer judge that is so initiating-ended. I judge of it as definitive. I judge that shot got fired, and that is that. I am overjoyed no longer to head looking out it,” Mundy explained. “For me, there may be no longer a tall inquire assign. I judge you may perhaps perhaps presumably also preserve it literally. I correct judge your relationship to it can perhaps feel diversified while you occur to undoubtedly seen the image.”

What is the importance of Jonah shooting Mel?

Now not easiest is Jonah shooting Mel the sure discontinuance outcomes of the gunshot, then yet again it also bookends the sequence in blood. Jonah’s maturation at some stage within the four seasons eager discovering out suggestions to expend rifles nearly bigger than him, discovering out the family trade of cash laundering, and forging his hold identification minimize loose a family unit he grew to distrust. Nonetheless, it be the main signal of his maturation in Season 1 that explains why he did what he did within the final scene of Ozark.

“Jonah shooting Mel at the discontinuance is a call abet to the finale of Season 1, the assign he’s got this assault rifle that he would no longer know Buddy’s unloaded,” Mundy explained. “After which Buddy is available in and saves the day, they most frequently hit the motorway, and Buddy shoots the man. Nonetheless, that used to be an prompt call abet to nearly the identical website.”

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