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Kathleen Peterson’s loss of life grew to alter actual into a nationwide, lengthy-standing mystery with the 2004 documentary The Staircase. And besides the unanswered questions spherical her loss of life, there had been furthermore unanswered questions about the guilt or innocence of her husband, Michael Peterson. And even though his preliminary rupture trial took position in 2003, Michael Peterson’s saga did now not include definitive ending except 2018.

To recap the case, Kathleen Peterson used to be stumbled on ineffective at the backside of her staircase in 2001. When investigators looked into her loss of life even though, they suspected defective play for this reason of the gruesome quantity of blood on the scene, and that the handiest search used to be her husband. The case is light a important dialogue for factual-crime fans, a pair of of whom shock if Michael Peterson with out a doubt did homicide his wife, or if it used to be merely an accident as he claims. Although law enforcement might perhaps negate the case is closed, there’s light unanswered questions and a ramification of theories surrounding Kathleen’s loss of life we might perhaps by no formulation know for particular.

HBO Max’s new drama The Staircase reenacts the total legend, documentary included, in a smartly-known particular person-studded diminutive series out now. But with handiest eight episodes, the label has to head away a pair of little print out, in conjunction with the aftermath of the preliminary trial, and what came about to Michael Peterson after the jury gave him their verdict. Because in fact, the legend did now not with out a doubt stop there. Michael Peterson’s conviction and existence sentence in 2003 used to be handiest a pair of of the legend.

Right here is every thing we learn about what came about to Michael Peterson after HBO Max’s The Staircase.

What Took position to Michael Peterson after The Staircase?

Peterson used to be positioned on condominium arrest in 2011 earlier than his retrial, then formally freed in 2017 after submitting an Alford Plea (he admitted the proof in opposition to him might perhaps notify he used to be guilty, whereas protesting his innocence).

The creator produced a memoir in 2009 called In the aid of the Staircase, and a sequel Beyond the Staircase. And primarily primarily based entirely on Newsweek, Peterson entered a relationship with an editor on the 2004 documentary The Staircase, and the 2 dated from 2011 to 2017.

Peterson’s defense attorney David Rudolf suggested Oxygen in 2019 that Peterson is currently residing in Durham in a ground ground condominium…so no staircase. Peterson sold the condominium he owned with his wife Kathleen aid in 2004.

Nowadays, the 78-year-previous is fully free and out of jail.

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