The Wind Blows from Longxi” Disappoints in Ratings

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Historical conflict espionage thriller, The Wind Blows from Longxi <風起隴西>, has surprisingly aired to disappointing viewership ratings since airing on CCTV on April 27. The 24-episode drama stars Chen Kun (陳坤), Bai Yu (白宇), Angelababy (杨颖), and Solar Yi (孫怡).

Spot all the blueprint in which through the Three Kingdoms generation all the blueprint in which through the conflict between the Wei and Shu states, an intelligence agent have to search out a double agent to give protection to national pursuits in a hazardous mission filled with political intrigue.

The drama adaptation is essentially based on the novel novel by Ma Boyong (马伯庸), whose utterly different books The Longest Day in Chang’an <長安十二時辰> and Wind from Luoyang <風起洛陽>  were adapted into profitable television sequence. As the author’s previous e-book-to-cloak adaptations were nicely-obtained, The Wind Blows from Longxi became also anticipated to attain solid ratings.

Nonetheless, the viewership ratings dipped to 0.5 p.c at its lowest, and exclusively reached 1.2 p.c at its very top on CCTV. The in fashion score for CCTV dramas is regularly 1 p.c. Despite the high budget, top airing timeslot, and powerhouse solid, the drama failed to attain ratings expectations.

Some viewers even joked that commercials being aired are getting higher ratings than the drama itself. Viewers famed that after commercials were aired, the ratings elevated. When the drama started displaying again, the ratings reduced. Attributable to this oddity, netizens joked that the combo of Chen Kun and Bai Yu shall be ratings poison.

“The Wind Blows from Longxi” Trailer

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